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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Managing Your Clients!

    • About this course
  • 2

    Assigning the right roles and permissions to your clients

    • The Client profile
    • Creating a Client profile
    • Assigning roles to Client profiles
  • 3

    Getting to know the Client profile

    • Client profile settings
    • Accessing the Client profile
    • Client access
  • 4

    Deactivating/suspending Clients

    • Strict Policies enforcement for Clients
    • The suspend feature
    • The deactivate feature
    • How to suspend or deactivate a client
  • 5

    Next steps

    • Test your learning
    • Keep learning with Wodify!


Carla Mercurio

Wodify Account Manager

Carla Mercurio

Wodify guru, CrossFit coach, animal lover.