Audience: Admins, Managers, and Coaches

Subscription: Wodify Pulse

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Wodify Pulse

    • Course preview
    • About this course
  • 2

    Getting Started with Wodify Pulse

    • Wodify Pulse is easy to implement at your business
    • We’ll keep it secure with your business' unique ID
    • Pulse gets popular, stock up for everyone
    • Test your learning (chapter assessment)
  • 3

    Setting your members up for success with heart rate training

    • Get clients excited about Wodify Pulse!
    • Instantly add value to your Pulse subscription
    • Registering a belt
    • Test your learning (chapter assessment)
  • 4

    Improve your coaching with Wodify Pulse

    • Talking points for coaches before, during, and after class
    • At check-in
    • The Pulse tile
    • Talk about color zones
    • Help clients set personal goals with MEPs
    • Encourage competition, but explain variability
    • Test your learning (chapter assessment)
  • 5

    Grow your business with Wodify Pulse

    • Wodify Pulse marketing materials
    • Marketing materials examples
    • Customer story: CrossFit Mainline
    • Test your learning (chapter assessment)
    • Keep learning with Wodify!


Carla Mercurio

Wodify Account Manager

Carla Mercurio

Wodify guru, CrossFit coach, animal lover.